Friday, March 20, 2009

Book Review Policy

Book Review Policy

After reading a wonderful article by Paula Krapf of Author Marketing Experts, Inc., I’ve decided to write a formal Book Review Policy for potential publicists and authors.

March 20, 2009: I am currently open to review requests (until noted otherwise) but please keep in mind I try to be as selective as possible to ensure that each book I read and review receives the necessary time and attention it deserves. If I don’t think I’m going to like a book then I will simply not review it, which is probably why many of the books I’ve reviewed have received high ratings. Nonetheless, my reviews won’t always be strictly positive, but they will always be honest.

Contact me: bookopolis AT live DOT com

Genres I DO review*: Humor, Contemporary fiction, Historical Fiction, Literary Fiction, Women’s Fiction, Chick-lit (selectively though), Mysteries and Psychological Thrillers

I don’t read or review many YA books but I will consider certain ones.

The non-fiction books that I typically read and review are memoirs but I occasionally like to read something different, such as art, fashion, decorating and “green” living.

* Please understand that just because a book you propose falls into a given genre that I enjoy reading, doesn’t mean that particular book will appeal to me.

Genres I DO NOT review: Christian fiction, science fiction, horror, romance, or erotica

Acceptable book submission types: I typically don’t accept self-published books BUT in certain circumstances I will consider reviewing them.

I do not accept e-books because it’s too hard on my eyes and I can’t curl up in bed and read my computer!

Review timeframe: When given advanced notice for ARCs (minimum of 2 weeks) I will post my review on the day or the week of its official release date.

For finished copies, I try to have my review posted a maximum of 3 weeks after it’s sent but that’s not always possible so please let me know if you have certain deadlines/requirements so I can make a note of that.

If however, a book is being sent for a virtual book tour (which I love participating in) then I will post my review on the assigned date.

Cross-posting: I usually cross-post my reviews on, and and occasionally on LibraryThing. If there is anywhere else you’d like my review posted please let me know in advance and I’ll consider it.

Miscellaneous: Your ARCs are safe with me – I do not believe in selling them!

For any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.


Unknown said...

I've stopped seeking ARC's lately. I do go for a few here and there but I have so many books in my tbr pile that I really want to get to, and my experience with ARC's turned out to be very mixed.

I'm just doing this for fun really.

But, this was an interesting post, and you've made me think about doing one myself.

Anonymous said...

i also did a short guideline blurb on my sidebar last week. i figure it will just help to clear up any questions or confusion. :)

do you typically get a lot of arcs to review?

Kath said...

Hi there :)

I'm just getting into book reviewing and found your post about book review policies. Sounds like a darn good idea. Thanks for the tip!