Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Green Beauty Guide by Julie Gabriel

BIG THANKS to Lisa of TLC Book Tours for organizing this tour and HCI Books for my review copy!

The Green Beauty Guide” by Julie Gabriel

Published by HCI Books

“The Green Beauty Guide” is a must-have book for anyone who wants to become more environmentally conscious and learn about organic beauty products. Even those who already know a lot about green beauty will inevitably learn something new from this incredibly comprehensive guide. From green product recommendations to money-saving tips to a beauty detox regimen, this book has it all.

After delving into “The Green Beauty Guide” it is clear that Julie Gabriel is an expert in the field and has done a tremendous amount of research. All of the information is supported by data and scientific facts, which really proves Ms. Gabriel’s points and makes the book as credible as it is educational. There are some excellent chapters on the nature of skin and the dangers of certain toxins found in commonly used products, which I’ll admit was pretty alarming! I am glad that I now have this invaluable resource that will be put to good use. In the back of the book there is even a list of recommended resources, as well as 100 toxic cosmetic ingredients to avoid (talk about thorough!)
I have taken away a lot from this book, such as what ingredients to look for in beauty products and definitely which ones to avoid. Some of my favorite tips are those that teach you how to detect true organic products from gimmicks.

Certainly the most fun parts of this book are the ‘do-it-yourself green beauty’ that provide some really great recipes for cleansers, toners, facials, moisturizers, lip balms, fragrances and much more.

“The Green Beauty Guide” is an informative and practical guide with fun recipes, product recommendations, and important information that has educated me on how to be a smarter, safer and more environmentally conscious consumer.

About the author, Julie Gabriel:

Julie Gabriel is a registered nutrition specialist (RHN) educated at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. She launched a series of workshops titled 'New Mom's Diet' in Toronto. She is in the process of launching her own organic skincare line called Petite Marie Organics. This line is being released April 2008.

She has been writing and editing fashion and beauty for about 15 years. In 1992 she worked in production at CNN's Style with Elsa Klensch. She was the associate beauty editor in Harper's Bazaar (Eastern European editions, 1998-2000), beauty editor in Atmospheres (2001-2001) and has written over five hundred articles and features on fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

Visit Julie Gabriel’s The Green Beauty website for green beauty tips, recipes and much more!

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This sounds like a great and useful book! I've heard there are recipes to make your own products, which really interests me.

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