Thursday, February 19, 2009

Book Review: Something Like Beautiful by Asha Bandele

"Something Like Beautiful" by Asha Bandele

Published by Collins, an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers

Rating: 4.5 stars

"Something Like Beautiful" is the story of Asha Bandele's experiences as a single mother, raising her daughter Nisa, while her husband serves time in jail. It never dawned on Asha that she was a single mother until she realized her husband, Rashid was never going to be around to help raise their daughter. Asha discusses the challenges of being a single mother, but more importantly focuses on the joy Nisa has brought her and the life lessons she has learned from having such a special child in her presence.

What first struck me was the beauty of Asha Bandele's writing and the powerful imagery she evokes. I was amazed by the intensity of her words and it was hard not to be immersed in her passionate writing. In addition to the writing itself, her message was also beautiful and incredibly meaningful. I was especially touched by the passages in which she explicitly addresses her daughter and shares all of the hopes and dreams she has for her.

Asha Bandele also describes some really personal and difficult experiences, including the abuse she suffered from as a child and then another abusive relationship after her marriage ended. Yet, with her daughter for inspiration, she shows immense strength and for that I really admire her. There is much to be taken away from this heartfelt book and it truly serves as a testament to a beautiful bond between mother and child.

BIG THANKS to HarperCollins for my review copy.


Anna said...

Great review. She sounds like a strong woman. Glad you enjoyed the story.

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Anonymous said...

That sounds like a powerful book.