Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Book Review: Romeo, Romeo by Robin Kaye

BIG THANKS to Danielle and Sourcebooks for my review copy!

"Romeo, Romeo" by Robin Kaye

Published by Sourcebooks

Rating: 3 stars

"Romeo Romeo" follows Rosalie Ronaldi as she becomes involved with Nick Romeo, a wealthy good-looking bachelor who has a reputation for being a ladies man. However, Rosalie doesn't know this man is the Nick Romeo, and thinks he is a down-to-earth mechanic, which is the impression he gave when they first met. Rosalie insists she doesn't want a serious relationship but Nick falls for her very quickly and takes care of her when she falls ill. Although Nick never stays with the same woman for very long, he is astounded by Rosalie's independence and cannot resist trying to care for her, despite her objections. Throughout the book there are a number of complications, including the fact that Rosalie is trying to turn around the same company that Nick is trying to buy out, which she doesn't know as well.

I enjoyed reading this book but every once in a while was bothered by how contrived some of it seemed to me. While I didn't mind the predictable plot, I found Nick way too unrealistic to be taken seriously. Then again, if the characters were more realistic, it wouldn't be as much fun to read.

My favorite parts of the book were the amusing ones, particularly those that involved Rosalie's loving yet overbearing Italian family. I liked seeing how their involvement always complicated everything!

"Romeo, Romeo" is perfect for a quick and light read, but like its characters, isn't meant to be taken too seriously.

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