Monday, January 5, 2009

Book Review: Little Stories by Jeff Roberts

BIG THANKS to Jeff for sending me his book to review!

“Little Stories” by Jeff Roberts

Published by Outskirts Press

Rating: 4 stars

Jeff Roberts’ collection of short stories depict life’s moments, from the most seemingly mundane to the most powerful and life-altering. They offer a glimpse into life and explore themes of loneliness, love, life and death.

As with all short story collections, I enjoyed some more than others. While I didn’t feel connected to the subject matter in some of the vignettes, the writing is consistently great and always kept me reading further.

My favorite story depicts the beauty and miracle of birth along with the pain and finality of death, as a dying man gets to see his great-granddaughter for the first and last time. There is something really subtle and quiet about the writing that really speaks to me and in my opinion, that particular vignette emphasizes Roberts’ talent as a story teller.

These stories are all well-written and moving, leading me to conclude that there is certainly nothing “little” about them.

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