Sunday, November 9, 2008

Urban Outfitters: Hidden Gem for Discounted Books?

Although Urban Outfitters tends to be a little too trendy for me, I like to go in there once in a while and see what fun and sometimes outrageous clothing and accessories they'll be selling next. I especially love to check out their book selection because they always have some really interesting and unique ones. However, it was only recently that I found a tiny section in the store where they were actually selling new but discounted books (usually their books are very expensive)!

Here's what I snagged:

1) I Love You, Beth Cooper by Larry Doyle for $1.90 CDN (I've been wanting this one for a while - it's actually being made into a movie starring Hayden Panettiere)

2) Dark at the Roots by Sara Thyre for $1.90 CDN (the creepy cover both intrigued and scared me)

3) Ugly Betty: The Book by Ann Donahue for $4.90 CDN (LOVE the show and how can you not LOVE Betty plus the book is an adorable magazine format just like Mode)

Anyone else know of any out-of-the-ordinary places to pick up discounted books?


cindysloveofbooks said...

Sheri can I ask where Urban outfitters is? I mostly stick to the west island. Perhaps I would venture to check them out.

Sheri S. said...

Hey Cindy,
I'm not sure if this small section of discounted books is a regular thing there or not but if you happen to be downtown I think it's worth checking out (it's in the "home" section - maybe why I never saw it before!!)

1250 rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest (between de la Montagne and Drummond)

Anonymous said...

Well, I have to admit I've never been in an Urban Outfitters.

avisannschild said...

Who even knew that Urban Outfitters sold books? Thanks for this tip, Sheri!