Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Power of Books

While I'm sure all of us avid readers have had connections to many of the books we've read, but here is actual proof that sometimes books really can change lives. As reported by literary agent Kristin Nelson on her blog Pub Rants, author Shanna Swendson got an email from a social worker about her ENCHANTED INC. book series. The social worker told her that she received a call from a woman who had been reading the series to her mother, a recent stroke victim. While the caller's mother had become depressed and unresponsive after her stroke, she became increasingly alert and animated as her daughter read the stories to her. Her mother has since developed a more positive outlook! In Shanna's words, “it's not exactly a miracle cure, but it's still touching to realize you've had that kind of impact on someone.”

It must be inredibly rewarding for an author to get feedback like that! On that note, I think we should all think of the authors whose books have had profound meaning for our own lives and let them know! It just might make their day!

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